5.) *** wHiCh sTar aRe yOu fr0M ***


The first ever korean drama that hooks and moves me. Kim Rae Won and Jeong Ryu Won(Hehehe si Director Choi at Aning (Angelyn, her real name when she got back to her true family). A story of true love against the issues of the past (Director Choi and Hye-Su’s  failed relationship because of their accident  and the sudden death of  Hye-Su) and the stand of Aning’s mother to end their relationship after she found out that Aning is her long lost daughter  who happened to be the younger sister of  Director Choi’s former girlfriend Hye-Su. Natatawa ako, just remember that scene when Director Choi run for his life during the attacked of a wild boar, and how Aning rendered a song in exchange for her birthday speech in her first birthday celebration with her true family. Pero sabi nga, sa hinaba-haba man ng prusisyon, true love will conquer it all! Director Choi fight for her girl this time and win her, thing that he never done to Hye-su. It is indeed, DESTINY! ***


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